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Cooling Eye Mask

eye maskmore eye maskthree-eye-maskblue & Silver Eye Mask

shop eye mask Eye Mask

Cooling Pillow


pillow-case shop pillow

Pillows and pillow insert

Self Cooling Sport Cushions (15X17 inch) (6 pounds)

Cushion1blacksportSelf cooling Sport cushionSporting / Event Cooling Cushions shop sport cushion


Self-Cooling Cushionscushion-wheel chairwheelchair Cooling Cushionshop cooling cushion

Cushion Pillow Eye Mask

Regular Cooling Seat Cushion (17X19 inch) 8 pounds. Last all day.

The Following are currently out of Stock.

Self-Cooling Knee


Cooling Shoulder Wrapshoulderwrapshoulder wrap

Cooling Donut Cushion

Cushion for your every need

Self Cooling Sinus mask and Eye Mask

sinus-mask-blackSinus maskMask

Self Cooling Wrist & Head-bands

self cooling wrist bandshead-bands-worncooling head-bandHead-bandhead-wrist-band

Self-Cooling Vest

self cooling vestCooling vestcooling vest


Help Stop Global Warming Keep Our Earth Green

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Office chair and wheelchair Cushions white and black8cushion


WheelChair Cushion

Office cushion or WheelChair

Cushions include two cords to tie the cushions to the back or seat of any chair. Removable liner for  easy cleaning.

Two sizes for different usage, 6 pounds easy to carry to sporting events.
sport-cushion Sport cushion folded and rolled up easy to carry folded-cushion
Smaller cushion with middle division this can double as a pillow or use as a travel /sport event cushion

Easy to fold and roll up   or slip into your pillow case keep a cool head    in hot weather ! get rid  of those sweaty pillow

And use smaller cushion during the day easy to carry to any sporting event. Now with a lower price and free shipping and handling.

Self-Cooling Cushion Creating any chair into a coolest seat in the house.

Also Self Cooling Seat Cushion are great for Wheelchairs cushions.

Brief Explanation of butterfly eye mask What is going on here!
self cooling sport cushion donut self cooling eye mask

sinus mask

Sport Event Cushion Now doubles as a pillow

( Seat  Cushion )

Donut Seat Cushion

Eye Mask

(Sinus Mask )

Any stadium seat will be cool no matter how hot the game is 6 lb 15" by 17 inch will last over 5 hours. Self-Cooling Sport Cushion. Want a great value use our sport cushion as a cooling pillow. Easy to place inside your pillow case and cools all night and ready to cool you on those hot summer days in the ball park (best value) duel purpose!!!

14" Diameter cushion Great for any injury, keep pressure off the injury while staying cool and cushion comfortable.

( Cushion Family)

Our eye mask are Not a shocking cold that refrigerated gel eye mask products give you. Eye mask are Great for tired eye, eye strain or just to relax, with your self cooling eye mask. Your eye s will love it. Don't forget our Sinus Mask. Your eye mask will love it.

Self Cooling Eye Mask

Do not suffer any more our self cooling Sinus eye Mask will cool for hours not a shocking cold like the refrigerated gels. with eye cutouts easy to see. eye mask are great value.

pillow inserts and pillow

self cooling cushion   Cushion1blacksport Pillow  pillow pillow


Regular size Cushion

Pillow / Cushion inserts

( Cushion / Pillow)



Always sit on the coolest seat in the house.17" by 19" 8 pounds will last all day.

( Cooling Seat Cushion)

Tired of a sweaty pillow ? our pillow Last all night, slow soothing coolness our pillow will stay cool all night. Don't forget our cooling Pillow . Want a great value use our sport cushion as a cooling pillow. Easy to place inside your pillow case and cools all night and ready to cool you on those hot summer days in the ball park (best value) duel purpose!!!  

Self-Cooling Cushion , Eye Mask , Pillow (all of our items) are designed with Green earth in mind. Help Fight Global warming while staying comfortable. Coming soon self cooling products (info movies) on our products line ( Self Cooling Eye Mask , cooling Seat Cushions and cooling Pillow cooling eye mask pillow and eye mask and cushion )

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Why pay to cool your surroundings when all we need is to stay cool cooling cushion cooling eye mask and pillow.

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Sporting / Event Cooling Cushions

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