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Our self cooling sport-cushions are made with natural minerals,as mother nature intended, a blend of crystals to give you a slow soothing coolness. Are you tired of getting a hot seat, not comfortable, your self-cooling sport-cushions will cool you. Cooling sport cushions will create the coolest seat cushions in any house. Not a shocking cold that refrigerated gels, but a relaxing revitalizing, refreshing you. Men and women have enjoyed the refreshing sense of a cool cushion seat. Never again sit in a hot uncomfortable seat. The self cooling seat cushions will automatically regenerate back to a crystal during the night ( keep cooling seat cushions out of direct sunlight ). The self-cooling sport-cushions will absorb your body heat, turning into a liquid, then automatically return to crystal state automatically without refrigeration. Not only a great gift idea or for your cushions now with free shipping. Hey lets play ball, this traveling sports cushions is perfect for any seat sporting event. With a middle division and weighing only 6 pounds. Can fold up and rolled to pack up ready to go. Cushion are built with the same formula, as our regular cushion and will last up to 4 to 6 hours. (see seat cushion patent page) Long enough for any double hitter game. (see cushion testing page) Good for out door activity hiking, camping, any small outdoor event. Measurements are (15 X 17) 6 pounds, two ties to tie cushions to either the back or seat of any stadium seat wheelchair chair or bench warming does not have to be hot. A cushion that cools you at a hot event --- great game in a cool stadium seat cushions. This has a great new feature doubling as a pillow easy to insert into a pillow case many people who need a cool head or a cool seat cushions with the increasing flexibility of our sport cushions or pillow.

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Self Cooling Sport Cushion


Self-Cooling Sport Cushions

Sport cushions

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Self-Cooling Sporting Cushions

We recognize for every great products, there are drawbacks, ours are insignificant. Cooling sporting event cushions your best choice for any seat cushion needs for home or sporting event. Our sport-cushions are green products, make great gifts. ( self cushion ,)

1st) Drawback is the weight. because you sit or rest on the self-cooling sporting event cushion . ( insignificant ).

2nd) Drawback is that cushion should avoid direct sunlight. You sit or rest on the self-cooling sports-cushion.

( insignificant ) (When cushions are not in use store sport-cushion out of direct sunlight)

All of our self-cooling pillow , eye-mask , sport-cushion , shoulder-wraps , compresses , head-bands , wrist-bands , vest , are environmentally safe products. See our environmental page and testing page.


Self-Cooling Stadium-Seats Cushion are great to carry to any sporting event or outdoor camping. This cushion weighing only 6 Pounds keeping you cool for 5 hours during any hot event. No matter how hot the day or the game, you will always have the coolest seat in any stadium. With a middle division easy to fold and carry. Easy removal of the outside cotton liner for easy cleaning. Keep your self cool not your surroundings.

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Do not be fooled by others who claim (17 X 19) (6 pounds) and will last all day. This is our sport seat cushion size and weighs. Theirs seat cushion is not (17 by 19) Our sporting events cushion is (15 by 17) is 6 pound with a middle division pounds and only last 4-6 hours ! If you need a cushion to last longer see our reg. Cushion page.

Check out our larger Cushion page 8 pounds last all day.

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