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sleeping cooling eye mask


Self Cooling Sleeping Eye Mask

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Sleeping Cooling Eye Mask

Our Sleeping Eye Mask are made with natural minerals the way mother nature intended, this blend of cooling crystals, are formulated to give you a slow soothing cooling sensation. Not a shocking cold that refrigerated gel eyemask , but a soothing slow cooling relaxing , revitalizing , refreshing for your tired eyes to help. our sleeping eyemask will help with many ailments, eyestrain, puffy eye. Eye mask even helps with migraines. Men have also enjoyed the refreshing sense of a sound sleeping with a sleeping eye mask. The sleep eyemask will automatically regenerate back to a crystal during the day ( store sleeping self cooling eyemask in a drawer keep out of direct sunlight ). This cooling eye mask will absorb your body heat , turning into a liquid, then automatically return to cooling crystal state ready for next nights sleep. Not only no need to refrigerate these sleeping eyemask are non-toxic environmentally safe. (see our Environmental page and testing page). Tired of suffering from eye strain, bags under the eye, migraine headaches, or just plain eye fatigue. This elegant looking sleeping eye mask. Eyemask are with satin and ice cotton with two elastic bands holding the sleeping eye mask to to face. The eyemask are filled with our patented formula will keep your eyes in a sleeping dreamland, not a shocking freezer cold that the refrigerated cooling gel type sleeping eyemask gives you. This is becoming a dream sleeping eyemask essential a travel accessories gift a must have for young and old enjoy our cooling sleeping eyemask.  (see our Patent page). See our Sinus Mask page. NOW with NO SALES TAX outside of the state of California. See Sale Tax Page.

eye mask blue and silver small pic blue eye mask small Silver eye mask small

Small view blue cooling sleeping eye mask and silver cooling Sleeping eye mask (Satin)

Backside eye mask small

BACK VIEW (Ice Cotton) Self Cooling Sleeping Eye Mask

blue and silver eyemask med size pic

Meduim view blue sleeping cooling eye mask and silver cooling sleeping eye mask

blue and silver eyemask large pic

Large view blue sleeping cooling eye mask and silver sleeping cooling eye mask

eye mask

(larger view) Best Gifts Ideas a dream a travel essential gift sleeping land accessory. Check out our cooling Sinus eye mask also.


Self Cooling eye mask

BUY IT NOWbuy a sleeping essential a travel gift dreamland cooling eye mask for the sleeping cooling accessories.

Do you have trouble sleeping ? Have a sleeping disorder ?

We also have mask for sleeping cooling eye mask and sinus mask. A cooling eye mask for any eye mask needs.

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See our cooling cushion and our self cooling sport cushions.

JB Enterprises

Brings you great cooling products, sleeping comfort cooling eye mask.


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