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Self Cooling Headbands and Wristbands

Our Self Cooling headbands and wristbands are made with natural minerals the way mother nature intended, this blend of crystals, are formulated to give you a slow soothing coolness. Not a shocking cold that refrigerated gels, but a relaxing revitalizing refreshing your body to help with those 20 minute workouts. Men and women have also enjoyed the refreshing sense a cool headbands and wristbands will bring you. Cooling wristbands and headbands will help to lower your core body tempature.The headbands and wristbands will automatically regenerate back to a crystal during the day (store in a cool place out of direct sunlight). The cooling headbands and wristbands will absorb your body heat, turning into a liquid, then automatically return to crystal state ready for next days usage. The headbands and wristbands will stay a comfortable tempature of 77 degrees. You do not have to work out feeling so hot any more enjoy your workout and refresh your self at the same time. Great for work-out gift idea and headbands and wristbands now free shipping.


Self Cooling Products

HeadBands And WristBands BUY IT NOW OUT OF STOCK

HeadBands And WristBands BUY IT NOW OUT OF STOCK



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