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Heat Prevention

Self Cooling Cushion is a heat prevention !

Our self cooling cushion is a heat prevention are made with natural minerals this blend of crystals to give you a slow soothing coolness. To prevention over heating and heat exhaustion use our cooling cushions. Are you tired of getting a hot seat, not comfortable, your self cooling cushion will never be hot. Cushion will create any seat in any house into the coolest seat in the house and help with heat prevention. Not a shocking cold that refrigerated gels, but a relaxing, revitalizing, refreshing to your body, will help with many ailments. Men and women have also enjoyed the refreshing sense of a cooling seat cushions. The self cooling seat cushion will automatically regenerate back to a crystal during the night (keep cushion out of direct sunlight). The self cooling seat cushion will absorb your body heat, turning into a liquid, then automatically return to crystal state ready for next days cooling cushions use. We now offer free shipping, with all of our heat prevention cushion. What a great gift idea for your self or anyone you want to keep cool. You do not have to be Kool to be cool. Whether you need a cooling seat cushion chair cushions office cushions chair cushions bench seat lounge chair our self cooling wheelchair cushions are non hazardous and earth friendly. Heat exhaustion and prevention is a growing concern and can be deadly! Heat prevention you must take steps in order not to over heat. Your body is vulnerable to over heating our cushions will lower your core temperature, which is a prevention of heat exhaustion !

Self-Cooling Seat Cushion

Cushion chair8cushion2cushion Cooling Cushions

Shop Self Cooling Cushions Creating any chair into a coolest seat in the house. Heat prevention is a concern for all of us it is a extreme danger to everyone! We are all vulnerable to the heat exhaustion .

Heat prevention is a very harmful concern to anyone who is under harsh conditions which puts our bodies at risk of heat exhaustion. When our body over heat s, it has very harmful effects on our bodies as well as our brains. To take steps to prevent heat exhaustion you must cool down your bodies core temperature. Doing so might save your life! Heat stoke is a dangerous condition of your body over heating. Prevention is necessary in order for your body to recover from heat prevention and exhaustion.  Doctors will tell you that heat prevention and heat exhaustion is not only harmful but dangerous of many ailments including heat stroke. An ounce of prevention now might save your life. Over exposure to harsh conditions is dangerous. Heat prevention is a growing problem in our daily lives. To prevent heat exhaustion may prevent heat stroke under extreme fatigue. It is important to drink plenty of liquids and cool down your core temperature.  Heat exhaustion occurs when your body temperature rises to the point of unclear mental state. Governor of California has determined that heat prevention is a growing concern not only in the agriculture fields but also a high concern in the construction work place. We must take steps to prevent heat prevention is a over exposure to the heat.

Prevention, prevention, prevention are not just words to live by it is a must in order to stop heat illness.

No matter where you sit, wheelchair, sofa, chair, office chair, lawn chair, kitchen, bench seat, this self-cooling wheelchair cushions will turn any seat into the coolest seat in or out of the house. You will stay a comfortable 77 degrees, without the use of any refrigeration, and automatically regenerate back over-night to keep you cool the next day. The patented formula will melt with your body heat. See our (Patent page). At night with the charged energy from your body, that energy is used to renew its self and be ready for the next day’s usage. Environmentally safe, non-toxic, earth friendly, and will save you money, why pay to have your surroundings cool when all you want is to be cool. Two ties to tie to the back or the seat of any chair , seat , bench , wheelchair , this is the most durable long lasting cooling cushions you will ever need. With a removable cotton liner for easy cleaning. ( Self-Cooling-Sport-Cushions ) Details. or Buy it Now. With or without the ties can be used in any chair or seat, your back or seat of your pants will feel the cooling effect within 30 seconds. Heat prevention will need to use longer to over come heat exhaustion. Perfect for those hot days of summer, keeping you cool with our cooling cushions. Every office needs a cool place so take your cooling cushion to the office or automobile or if you are in a wheelchair you already know how hot your seat gets so cool down with our cushion. Cool down now with our heat prevention cooling cushions.


Regular Self Cooling Seat Cushions good for wheelchair seat also heat prevention !

BUY NOW Free Shipping, Cooling Cushions are Gift Idea for anyone who wants to be cool not just for the wheelchair.


Regular Self Cooling Chair Cushions free shipping this is a great gift idea.

Self-Cooling Seat Cushion

We recognize for every great products, there are drawbacks, ours are insignificant. Self-cooling seat cushion your best choice for any chair cushion needs home or office cushion chair cushion , wheelchair cushions. Our seat cushions is green products, make great gifts. (cushions) ( prevention of heat strokes)

1st) Drawback is the weight. because you sit or rest on the self-cooling wheelchair cushions . (insignificant).

2nd) Drawback is that cushions should avoid direct sunlight. You sit or rest on the self-cooling cushions . (insignificant) (When not in use store cushion out of direct sunlight) heat prevention

All of our self-cooling seat cushions can be used in the following applications, Wheelchair , office chair any seat , chair , sofa , kitchen stool , patio furniture lawn chair auotseat, where ever you need a cool seat use our cooling cushion ! Any chair any seat no longer has to be a hot seat. Transform your chair into a cool seat ! heat prevention

All of our self-cooling pillow , eye-mask , wheelchair cushion , shoulder wraps , compresses , head-bands , wrist-bands , vest , are environmentally safe products. See our Environmental page and testing page.



8 Pounds 17 inches by 19 inches Cushions

Heat Prevention and Heat Exhaustion


cushion in chair and wheel chair Creating any seat into the coolest seat in or out of the house, Seat Cushions.wheelchair

Do not be fooled by others who claim (17 X 19) (8 pounds) and will last all day. This is our sport cushion size weighs only 6 pounds Theirs are not (17 X 19) Our 17 X 19 is 8 pounds and will last all day ! This should not be confussed with out sport cushion.

This size will last all day and regenerate back over night to keep you cool the next day. No refrigeration needed. Will last for years of cooling cushion comfort. Fits all size chairs wheelchair office chair patio seat bench or recliners. Good for wheelchair office or home use. Heat prevention

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