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Our Self Cooling Pillows are made with natural minerals the way mother nature intended, this blend of crystals, are formulated to give you a slow soothing coolness. Not a shocking cold that refrigerated gels, but a relaxing revitalizing refreshing your body to help with many ailments. Our patened Cooling pillows will stay cool all night.

Men and women have also enjoyed the refreshing sense a cool pillows. The self cooling pillows will automatically regenerate back to a crystal during the day (store self cooling pillow in a cool place out of direct sunlight). The self cooling pillow will absorb your body heat, turning into a liquid, then automatically return to crystal state ready for next days usage. The cooling pillow will stay a a comfortable 77 degrees. You do not have to wake up at night turning over your cooling pillow ever again. The self cooling pillow insert has a liner for easy removal and cleaning just slide into your existing pillow case and sleep. A great gift idea and now with free shipping. (this is a 20 dollar value) 

Want a great value use our sport cushion as a cooling pillow. Easy to place inside your pillow case and cools all night and pillows are ready to cool you on those hot summer days in the ball park (best value) duel purpose!!! Actually this is better then our pillow. Cooling Pillows Will last longer and stay cooler do not suffer from a hot pillow and sleepless nights use our new duel purpose sport cushion as a pillow.


Self Cooling Pillow BUY IT NOW

Great Gift idea and cooling pillows now with free shipping.

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Self Cooling Pillow BUY IT NOW

A Great Gift Idea and cooling pillows now free shipping.



Self Cooling Pillow BUY IT NOW



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