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Our Self Cooling Shoulder Wrap are made with natural minerals the way mother nature intended, this blend of crystals, are formulated to give you a slow soothing coolness. Not a shocking cold that refrigerated gels, but a relaxing revitalizing refreshing your body to help with many ailments. Men and women have also enjoyed the refreshing sense a cold shoulder. The self cooling Shoulder wrap will automatically regenerate back to a crystal during the day (store in a cool place out of direct sunlight). The self cooling shoulder wrap will absorb your body heat, turning into a liquid, then automatically return to crystal state ready for next days usage. The shoulder wrap will stay a a comfortable tempature of 77 degrees.The shoulder wrap insert has a liner for easy removal and cleaning.


BUY IT NOW Self Cooling Shoulder Wrap OUT OF STOCK

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BUY IT NOW Self Cooling Shoulder Wrap OUT OF STOCK



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